Illustration: Driving myths
Illustration: Changing Tides
Illustration: Jump shot
Illustration: Bryson DeChambeau
Illustration: Problems before the bell rings
Illustration: Angel in the graveyard
Illustration: The woodcutter who wouldn't work
Illustration: Police go to church
Illustration: NC Abuse Disparities
Illustration: God is like my stepdad
Illustration: Burt Myers' Redemption
Illustration: Star Wars: Rogue One
Illustration: Jose hears the call, Part 1
Illustration: Jose hears the call, Part 2
Illustration: Jose hears the call, Part 5
Illustration: Captain America: Civil War
Illustration: Chosen by God
Illustration: Battling the storm
Illustration: Avengers: Age of Ultron
Illustration: The hero who died
Illustration: From fear to faith
Illustration: Christmas sisters for a night
Illustration: Star Wars: Force Awakens
Illustration: 2015 Billboard of Myron Pitts
Illustration: Tyler Perry
Illustration: Kids messy home
Illustration: Day in the life of Fort Bragg
Illustration: Reindeer in black
Illustration: Plant bully
Illustration: Antenna Tshirt
Illustration: Michael Jordan
Illustration: Out of the rubble
Illustration: Charles Darwin
Illustration: Carrie Underwood
Illustration: Berry knight
Illustration: Samborowski
Illustration: Religion and depression
Illustration: Night at the museum
Illustration: Che intro
Illustration: Bazooka and Tiger
Illustration: Autism
Illustration: Alzheimers
Illustration: 4th of July consumption
Illustration: Santa lends a hand
Illustration: Beauty & the Beast
Illustration: Harry Potter
Illustration: Cubicle manners
Illustration: American heritage
Illustration: Raccoon eviction
Illustration: Yuko's catfish
Illustration: Hiding in plain sight
Illustration: Challenge at Delphi
Illustration: Harley Dog
Illustration: Chameleon

Sketches & BW

Sketch: Couple
Illustration: Most valuable treasure 2
Illustration: Most valuable treasure 1
Sketch: Jass Reyes
Sketch: Fire branch
Sketch: Batgirl taking a break
Sketch: Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas
Illustration: TV show
Illustration: African leader
Illustration: Shopping feel